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Did you know? Trick to choose water pumps and water tanks can save more than half of your cost !!

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Did you know? Trick to choose water pumps and water tanks can save more than half of your cost !!

The water supply is very close to every home.  Every day we need to use water for almost every activities.  We will reveal the planning  tips for choosing the right equipment  for your home water system the good trick and most cost effective.  To share with all of home lover.

Which pump is good?
Water pump size according  to using purpose 

Sometimes we may find it difficult to make choices.  But each brands of water pump manufacturer has a simple way to choose each pump fuction that match to the area of use already. For example, a 1 storey house should be use about 150 watts, 250w for  2 storey houses, and 400w for 3-4 storey houses for example. The information provided by each manufacturer is a guideline.  Apart from that It is estimated by following the water consumption and the height of the building.

Nowadays, we usually call the water pump according to the size of the motor (wattage) used.  But the size of the motor does not show the ability of the water flow in anyway.  So before deciding on the size of the pump, we can calculate the size of their water pump suitable for house size to the consideration following by some factor below.

1. The number of  water supply  point and the water use point in needed to be used simultaneously in the home including the number of water use devices in the house to be consideration.  Because each device will have different  need for water supply.
2. Number of family member or people who live or stay in the house.
3. The height of water supply point in the house

Example of choosing a pump size.
1. 2 storey house (height to the point where the water supply point about 7 meters). There are total 6 faucets. There are three possible water used occasions. The principle of choosing a pump is as follows. Push distance of pump  In case of 2-storey house (height up to the water supply point 7 meters), Should be allow about 30% of the friction in the pipe. Therefore, the pump should be at least 9 meters push distance.

2. The amount of water (liter / minute) in this case is determined by the time that the water is available  simultaneously.  For this home, there is a chance to use all three water points  at the same time, which normally each faucet has a water supply rate about 9 liters / minute.( The calculated volume of water is just only be estimated.  For more precision  need to be considered following by each devices. There maybe some devices that run out more water than the standard such as flush valve or rain shower for example that can be check the water consumption of equipment from the attached label of each devices.).The minimum water requirement  for this house is 27 liters per minute. If the table shows the number of faucet, this  information may also be used to be assist in the decision. Nowadays, water pumps have become an important  tool for home water system, and because of the increasing number of residents that the same water requirement  trends. The modern equipment is requires more water pressure than the past.  So if we have the principle of choosing the right water pump,we  will not have to worry about insufficient water pressure anymore.

New generation of water pump,  automation  and energy saving.
The water pump has been developed to be more smart, well known as “Automatic Water Pump” that suitable for home use. When turn on the faucet water pump will working and then stop automatically when all water use points are off. The size of the automatic water pump is from 100-400 watts. For 100-150 watts are suitable for homes with 2-3 people.If it is a large single-house, the 400-700 watt automatic water pump is needed and mostly these pumps are integrated inverters that control the electrical system and monitoring  the calculating of water usage. The comparison about energy saving  for example , the water pump 400 watts,if we turn on the water only one point it will use just only 100 watts. At the same time 4 points will consume 400 watts. Compared to conventional pumps 200 watts, only one  point  water use turn on that consumes 200 watts of power,so water pump model integrated inverters control help us to save more.

There are two types of automatic pump. Type 1 is the pump with a pressure tank and type 2 is constant pressure water pump. For pumps with pressure tank it’s advantage is long life working but the disadvantage is made of steel with coated inside. In the long run working the rust decay may occur to leak the tank.  Currently many manufacturer there are sales only tanks if motor can work normally. The Constant pressure pump advantage such we open 4 faucets at the same time, the water pressure will flow equally at all four points, whether some faucets is in the different distance.

Is the water pump installation required the water tank?
Many the house owner who install water pump already and making decision that should to buy a water tank or not?  How much water tank?  What kind of material?  Let's take a look at the benefits of installing additional water tanks to make your decision.
1. Can save water for home use.  If the water does not flow or there is an emergency in  several reasons, especially in case of the power outage then the water pump does not work, there is still water reserve from the tank.
2. Helps to impurity precipitation before the water is flow into the house.
3. Helps to save cost.  When the water is full, it does not need to open the pump. Water pump does not have to work all the using water time.

Which type of water tank?
There are two main types of water tanks such as Ground and underground. Each one has a different advantages.
1.Ground water tank Suitable for homes with sufficient space.  The popular material for water tank for this is stainless steel and plastic tank.  The advantage is easy maintenance and movement.
2. Underground water tank suitable for the house with limited space that strong structure to prevent possible subsidence.  The tank material should be the concrete or a plastic class for mounted underground.

What is the size of the tank?
Everyday water uses, the average is 200 liters / day / person, which means that the tank should be based on the amount of household members, multiplied by the amount of water consumed per day.  (When the result is multiplied by 2 again, for planning to hoard water in case of emergency more than 1 day)

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